‘Assimilate’ by Devin Grey

Less than 100 years ago a war of morality was fought over technology that made it possible for two or more humans to assimilate into a single being. The science behind this innovation is derived from Turritopsis dohrnii, The Immortal Jellyfish. They are one of the only known species that have the ability to return to an embryonic stage and it was thought that this organism was the key to human immortality. Scientists were able to decode the DNA processes linked to the rejuvenation method and what they found was that it is merely retreating into a sac and splicing its genetic makeup into as many escape routes as possible. This common defense mechanism is used to ensure the safety of the species and it is quite effective.

By reversing this technique, Human Assimilation was born. The objective was to heal patients with chronic illnesses and broken bodies by fusing them with loved ones to integrate them into one person with the best attributes of both and at an average of their age. This being would have the memories and capabilities of both individuals but still have the aptitude for self-awareness as they are a whole new person. Within years, however, people began having children for the sole purpose of immortality and raising children is no longer common practice.

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