“But Aren’t I Lucky That…” by Deanna Beech

But Aren’t I Lucky That… is a 1,599 word children’s concept book with a multi-cultural setting for children ages 2 to 8. It demonstrates how to resiliently focus on the positive when dealing with everyday challenges and disappointments.The material this book incorporates is consistent with the literature in parenting and mental health, and is consistent with the large-scale initiative of the US Military in Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness. To date, there are no available books for parents or teachers to read to children that both models how to help children process stress and teaches them how to reframe situations to develop optimistic thinking.But Aren’t I Lucky That… is the first in a series of books that engage robust strategies for developing resiliency. In this book children learn…
1) to look at the whole situation instead of focusing only on the negative,
 2) to pay attention to even the little things that are good in a situation, and
 3) that by giving an act of kindness the receiver feels good, but the giver feels even better. It also demonstrates to children how to calm down and refocus in stressful situations, and shows the use of empathy and emotional validation when discussing difficulties with children.In the back of the book will be a summary of the concepts for the parents/teachers, along with prompts for talking about these ideas with their children. This is intended to make the material personally applicable, engage active learning, and provide some cognitive rehearsal of the tools. I also intend to develop videos for parents and teachers so that they are not just reading the book it to their kids, they can generalize the tools to apply them to the interactions at home and in the classroom. I believe this book will be wildly successful in the homeschooling community, pre-school classrooms, and with mental health counselors.  promo
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