‘A random journy through small town America’ By Sam Polk

What is hiding in small town America and are grand stories of love, hope, lose, art, sacrifice, etc. only contained to the movies and places like New York or London? I think not and plan to outline my journey though that process of discovery.

I am writing a book or random discovery that captures the lost spirit of small town America and the stories that are contained within. The travels and stories that make up the book are not preplanned and to an extent spontaneously chosen. To ensure the random and spontaneous feel I will use the follow process. The book will be made up of 8-12 chapters each detailing stories from one small community. I am targeting communities with a population of 5000-15000 residents. Each chapter will start with me flipping a coin while sitting in my car in my driveway and drive 1 mile to interstate 75 in North West Ohio. If the coin lands on heads I will drive south on 75 and if it is tails I will drive North. In my car with me I have 2 containers, one with 20 pieces of paper each with a number 1-20 written on it and one with 20 pieces of paper 10 of which say left and 10 stating right. proceeding down the interstate I will pull one piece of paper from each bucket and use them as guidance. For example, if I draw 7 and left I will go 7 miles and take the

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