’49 Ways the GOP Has Destroyed Democracy’ By Bill Kuhn

An outrage book about the Republican Party, one that will inspire anger and action, particularly in new voters. That’s what you’ll find here, in 49 Ways the GOP Has Destroyed Democracy, which makes the case that Donald Trump was not an aberration but the logical conclusion of what’s been happening on the right for years.

I’ve divided it into 49 different short chapters, each of which focuses on a different way that the Republican Party has poisoned our political system with a deceitful, no-hold-barred, and often blatantly racist style of politics. The chapters are configured in such a way that readers can easily share and debate a single chapter in isolation; each stands alone as a well-researched entry contribution to the national conversation and debate. But they also work as a whole, in that form equipping readers with a fundamental understanding of how the GOP has operated in the past several decades—what their motivations and allegiances have been, and how they’ve done a masterful job of propagandizing and fear-mongering.

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