SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for January 9, 2016

Greetings readers and writers! The New Year and the accompanying cold snap gripping much of the country makes this an excellent time to introduce yourself to new books, reacquaint yourself with old stories, and open yourself up to the possibilities of the SOOP Book Ideas. The following are the Book Ideas leading the pack, but […]

SOOP on Saturday: New Book Ideas and SOOP Dollars

Happy New Year! With the new year brings new Book Ideas, like young flowers opening to the sun hoping to draw the attention of interested readers. Is a spring analogy appropriate for a January blog post? I’ll leave that determination to you, readers. Enjoy the newest Book Ideas, and while you’re at it, vote for […]

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 popular book ideas for December 26, 2015

Seasons Greetings, fans!  This has been quite a month for movers and shakers on the Top 20 board. Red by Nicole Collet resumed the number one position from Blasphemous Cocktails by Steve Wollett. A Dress the Color of the Sky by Jennifer Irwin moved up to the number three position, and The Lottery Curse by Carey Azzara moved […]

#MarketingMondays: A Lesson from the News

This presidential campaign cycle, we’ve been given quite a show. We have a self-proclaimed socialist, the wife of a former President, a billionaire with no political experience, the son and brother of former presidents, and a doctor with no political experience running for our nation’s highest elected public office. We won’t get into personal views, […]

SOOP on Saturday: Top 20 Popular Book Ideas for December 12, 2015

Happy Holidays, readers and writers! We here at SOOP wish you all joy and glad tidings as the final month of the year reaches the halfway mark. SOOP is excited to share our Top 20 book ideas for December 12, 2015! We have one more Top 20 for 2015, but what a way to end […]


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