‘Poets and Painters Playtime’ By William Joyce


This is a project to expand your poetic license and get you involved in your creative community. The project is filled with fun and adventure: As a poet, go out in your community seeking new artists showing their paintings and find the one(s) that move your heart. Get permission from the artist to do a poem, knowing they will get final approval and that both of you can use the resulting work. The poem must fit on one page. We are capturing the moment of the painting, not changing the color of the sky.

Length of Stories:

One Picture – One Page Poem. Simple…

Personal Contribution:

The Power of Love Standing shrouded in my rage Blackened debris covering my hope There is a spark It pierces the shadows Forcing my mind to acknowledge the heart There is still life Persistent, it spreads its light Patterns etched upon the barren waste A pathway to finding resolve Standing amid new stars Pain and rage fading into the canvas Life renews as love returns Painter Poet Dora Zeneth Reynosa https://www.byzeneth.com r.e.joyce 20210725 https://flow.page/authorwilliamcjoyceiii  

Examples of what I like:

The poet’s heart finds a p[ainting it can understand. Then the poet asks the painter if they can provide their words about the painting. Both agree and, when complete, confirm the match


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