‘Alive From the Core: An Anthology of Men Who Have Dared to Discover Their Purpose and Commit to Serve From It’ By Alise Cortez


What’s your purpose? Would you know it if it stared you in the face? To behold a man living and working from his purpose is to witness courage, passion, vulnerability, and a strength all in one that defies all logic. It’s bountifully inspiring – he’s in touch with a full complement of his emotions while able to exercise astounding agency in the world to give his gifts and make the impact worthy of his one, precious life. He knows himself on a level most don’t dare pursue and plays with life, love, and business in an expansive way. He knows why he’s here on the planet. This is what he serves from. It anchors him. What happens to a man, his health, his relationships, his impact – when he honors his purpose and lives from it? In this collection of 40 stories from men across the world, we learn how men navigate their purpose, peer into their relationships, career and business, and learn how the world is better for their commitment in being unabashedly true to exactly why they’re here in the world.

Length of Stories:

4,000 words that address the 7 questions in the writing prompts somehow (not in question/answer format, though – make it a story).  CLICK HERE for an overview of how to participate in this Anthology.

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