SOOP’s Voter Rewards: New Book Giveaway Winner

We are thrilled to share the excitement of another week in SOOP’s Weekly Book Giveaway Program!

This unique initiative is a celebration of literary exploration, giving readers like you the chance to support talented writers and established authors on their captivating publishing journey.

How to Participate:

1. Discover New Voices: Dive into a world of diverse stories and discover talented writers eager to share their narratives. Our catalog is brimming with hot and trending releases, spanning various genres and styles. Find our most popular stories in our weekly Top 20 blog. 

2. Cast Your Vote: Your opinion matters! Press the VOTE button on your favorite stories, and let your voice shape the future of publishing. Your support can make a real difference in bringing these stories to a broader audience.

3. Enter the Weekly Drawing: As a token of our appreciation, every vote you cast automatically enters you into a weekly drawing. Imagine the thrill of winning an exciting new read from our curated collection of books. The best part? No entry fees – just your love for literature!

It’s time to announce the lucky reader who has won a fantastic book from our collection. Drumroll, please…

Congratulations to Frank Hayden for winning our anthology, Winners: A Compilation of Award-Winning Short Stories

SOOP’s Weekly Book Giveaway Program is an ongoing celebration, and there are countless more opportunities to win and discover captivating reads. Continue to explore, vote, and be a part of the literary journey that brings stories to life. Your passion for literature fuels our commitment to supporting authors and making each week’s giveaway an exciting experience for all.

Stay tuned for more stories, more votes, and more chances to win in the coming weeks.

Happy reading! 

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