Announcing the Top 5 Stories Close to Qualification in SOOP’s 4th Annual Short Story Contest! Part 2

We’re thrilled to announce this week’s top 5 stories close to qualification in SOOP’s 4th Annual Short Story Contest.

Our Annual Short Story Contest honors excellence in short story writing by awarding talented writers numerous guaranteed cash prizes (totaling over $5,000 this year) and a contract offer to publish their stories. In addition to the winners, remarkable stories may be eligible for publication in future SOOP anthologies at the discretion of curators and judges.

These remarkable tales have captivated our readers and are just a few steps away from securing their spot!

Their submissions become eligible for review and prizes by getting 50 votes from supporters, or they can choose to streamline their qualification process by paying a contest fee. Voting is a crucial part of our contest, as it helps us recognize and celebrate the stories that resonate most with our readers. By participating, you’re not only supporting the writers but also becoming a part of our vibrant literary community.

Here’s a sneak peek at these fantastic stories…

1. “Stairs to Nowhere” by Elaina Nicholas

Category: Fantasy

After her father dies Emily must move house. Before she leaves though she is drawn to inspect every nook and cranny of her home including a strange door, a door that leads to a dimension ravished by a monster. A monster Emily herself must face.


2. “The Pull” by Isaiah Williams

Category: Religion & Spirituality

A boy who can see the supernatural tries his best to ignore those visions, but something keeps pushing him to warn others about them.


3. “A Glimmer of Hope among Everlasting Chaos” by Kyler Gray

Category: Detective & Mystery

Go into the mind of a detective as he scans the evidence of a murder investigation of a brutal crime scene, determined to bring justice to the culprit behind the crime and any others that come forth beyond the current one.


4. “Green Thumb” by DML Meyer

Category: Adventure

All Henry was hoping to do was help out his elderly neighbor for a few weeks. Who knew nature would be at the root of so many headaches? It was hard to imagine a way of explaining himself out of this mess!


5. “The Asian Dragon Princess” by HuskieToonslady

Category: Children Fiction

A little Asian Dragon Princess tries to fly like a kite by doing some different sources. But her grandfather reminds her that the real key to flying is believing.


Support Your Favorite Stories!

Here’s how you can help:

1. Vote and Win a Free Book: Hit the “Vote Now” button to vote for the stories you love, or you think they deserve to be published. Every vote brings these talented writers closer to qualification and allows you to win a Free Book.  

2. Spread the Word: Share these stories with your friends, family, and social media followers. Encourage them to vote and support these incredible writers.

3. Fee Option: If you know a fellow participant who wants to streamline the voting process, refer them to our fee option to proceed with the contest.

If you’re one of the talented writers close to qualifying, please share your story, ask for votes or consider paying the fee to qualify your story. Stay tuned for more updates through this blog and feel free to promote your story in our Facebook Group!

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