Announcing the Top 5 Stories Close to Qualification in SOOP’s 4th Annual Short Story Contest!

We’re thrilled to announce this week’s top 5 stories close to qualification in SOOP’s 4th Annual Short Story Contest.

Voting is a crucial part of our contest, as it helps us recognize and celebrate the stories that resonate most with our readers. By participating, you’re not only supporting the writers but also becoming a part of our vibrant literary community. These remarkable tales have captivated our readers and are just a few steps away from securing their spot. Here’s a sneak peek at these fantastic stories:

1. “Repairs” by Elke Barter

Category: Positive Transformation

Her days are long and lonely, but she has found a way to fill her calendar with the names and numbers of men who, upon payment by check, are willing to come and share a quiet moment together.


2. “Because It’s Mine” by Pete Devlin

Category: Horror

A young girl disappears on her 6th birthday. The police turn up no leads and no body. The distraught parents receive strange phone calls over the years, the caller saying that she is their missing daughter. On their annual trek to her gravesite on her birthday, the parents meet a young woman at the site, mourning. Is this the first time they are meeting her?


3. “In A Second” by Riley Baker

Category: Romance

Love needs to be developed over time, but what happens when you realize it can be taken away in just a second?


4. “Queen of the Kingdom” by Jasmin Collado

Category: Fantasy

Amelai, one of the diseased, decides to leave the safety of her people to venture into the city. She hopes to find work and blend in, as well as bring back the scarce resource of bread. Amelai now must balance her loyalties to her people and animals with her tenuous place in the kingdom. Her magic may protect her, but it could also lead to her downfall if she upsets the social order.


5. “Good Intentions” by Teri Edwards

Category: Thriller

A distraught woman’s unexpected visit to her best friend’s house in the middle of the night proves to be a terrible mistake with even worse implications.


Support Your Favorite Stories!

These stories need your support to qualify for the contest. Here’s how you can help:

1. Vote for Your Favorite Story and Win a Free Book: Hit the “Vote Now” button to vote for the stories you love. Every vote brings these talented writers closer to qualification and allows you to win a Free Book.  

2. Spread the Word: Share these stories with your friends, family, and social media followers. Encourage them to vote and support these incredible writers.

3. Opt for Our Fee Option: Writers can choose our fee option to secure their qualification spot. This ensures your story gets the attention it deserves and moves forward in the contest.

Qualify Today!

If you’re one of the talented writers close to qualifying, now is the time to rally your supporters!

Please share your story, ask for votes, and consider our contest fee option to secure your spot. Stay tuned for more updates through this weekly blog, and check out our Facebook Group if you have additional questions. 

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