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Cameron Lee Cowan, originally from Denver via Northwest Arkansas, began his writing journey in 2005 with essays and short stories. With a vintage flair in much of his work, he draws inspiration from his experiences in music, fashion, theater, and writing. Cameron strives to tell everyday stories and leave readers with profound thoughts. While writing about the world in The Cameron Journal and crafting novels, he aims to provide observations and allows readers to form their own opinions.

Politics and public policy have been Cameron’s primary passion since high school, having studied political science and creative writing. He has been actively involved in politics, starting at the local level in Colorado and later transitioning to media through magazines and terrestrial radio. In 2013, he reignited his passion for fiction alongside his work in political media.

Cameron oversees content curation and production for SOOP Anthologies, which includes responsibility for our annual Short Story contest.


Cast Iron

This is the story of Randy Carruth, who discovers that his new stepfather is not what he seems. He tolerates it for a time, believing that he can do nothing. One day, when he discovers his sister being attacked, he makes a fateful decision that sends him to jail. After being released, Randy enters a world of drugs and male prostitution. Will he ever find his way home? Can he find forgiveness for those who have wronged him and broken his heart?

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What the Hell is Going On?

Essay collection to help you understand the world around us. Politics, the media, and even the environment are increasingly difficult places. Humanity is facing some big problems but the reality is that some of these problems aren’t new. Everyone is living in a story that started 40 years ago and that story is reaching its zenith. Don’t get triggered again or endure another tweet without getting the whole story on what is going on. Context is powerful and when we understand the news in context, we can easily see through the sensational headlines and clickbait ads that surround us on an hourly basis. 

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An Unfinished Coloring Book

These short stories explore dramatic moments in the lives of everyday people. The collection also features the exclusive release of The RKO Killer: An I.G. Farben Mystery.

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