#SOOP on Monday: Top 20 Short Stories & Book Ideas for May 22, 2023

This Monday, we are presenting a new top 20 with an exciting take on what it means to get started in the publishing industry!
For aspiring writers, embarking on a writing career can be thrilling yet challenging. Writing is often a solitary pursuit, and the path to success can be daunting without a support system in place. However, by actively seeking and cultivating support at SOOP, writers can enhance their professional growth, gain valuable insights, and find the encouragement they need to navigate the intricacies of the writing world.
Let’s explore various ways writers can gain more support in their writing careers, empowering them to flourish in their creative endeavors:
Writing Communities: One of the most effective ways to gain support as a writer is by joining writing communities. These communities can be physical or virtual, such as local writing groups, online forums, or social media platforms. Engaging with like-minded individuals provides an invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow writers, exchange ideas, share experiences, and receive constructive feedback. These interactions enhance writing skills and offer a sense of belonging and encouragement.
Mentorship: It can play a pivotal role in a writer’s professional development. Finding an experienced writer willing to guide and support you can be immensely beneficial. Look for mentors who resonate with your writing style or genre and have succeeded in their careers. They can offer insights, critique your work, provide industry knowledge, and help you navigate the challenges you may face. Building a solid mentor-mentee relationship can significantly boost your confidence and grow your writing.
Writing Workshops and Conferences: Excellent opportunities to gain support and further knowledge in the writing industry. These events often feature renowned authors, literary agents, and publishing professionals who share their expertise through panel discussions, workshops, and presentations. Attending these events lets you learn about the latest trends, refine your writing techniques, network with industry experts, and connect with fellow writers. The connections at such gatherings can open doors to potential collaborations, publishing opportunities, and long-lasting friendships.
Online Presence: In today’s digital age, having a solid online presence is crucial for writers. Create a professional website or blog where you can showcase your work, share your writing journey, and engage with readers. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can also be powerful tools for connecting with other writers, literary agents, and publishers. Building an online community around your writing helps you gain support and expands your reach and potential readership.
Writing Contests and Literary Magazines: Platforms to showcase your work and gain recognition within the writing community. Entering contests challenges you to refine your skills, adhere to submission guidelines, and receive feedback from experts in the field. Being published in literary magazines increases your visibility as a writer and can serve as a stepping stone toward securing book deals or agent representation.
Accountability Partners: Invaluable in maintaining discipline and motivation as a writer. Connect with a fellow writer who shares similar goals and aspirations. You can set writing targets together, exchange work for critique, and provide encouragement during moments of self-doubt. Regular check-ins and discussions keep both parties accountable, fostering a supportive environment conducive to growth and productivity.
Building a support system is essential for writers seeking success in their careers. By actively seeking out and nurturing support, writers can gain valuable insights, receive constructive feedback, and find the encouragement they need to thrive. Joining writing communities, seeking mentorship, attending workshops, developing an online presence, participating in contests, and finding accountability partners are just some of the ways writers can gain support and propel their careers forward.
May fortune smile upon our contestants as SOOP eagerly anticipates unveiling their remarkable tales in print. Every individual holds power to contribute significantly towards their triumph and win a free book by voting for their preferred stories below:
A Tale from The North Woods

Genres: , Contest Category – Historical Fiction,

The Realm Between

Genres: Book Ideas – Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teens

The Legacy of Ghon

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

Laughter through Tears

Genres: , Contest Category – Humor & Entertainment,

The Day Love Changed

Genres: , Contest Category – Motivational / Inspirational,

The House on Old Plank Road

Genres: , Contest Category – Horror,

The Sky Speaks

Genres: , Contest Category – Motivational / Inspirational,

Child of My Soul

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

Two Homes

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,


Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

Black Knights

Genres: , Contest Category – Adventure,

Dancing In The Rain

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

Growing the Next Version of You

Genres: Book Ideas – Business, Relationships, Self-Help

The Twelfth Moon of Rezela

Genres: , Contest Category – Science Fiction,

His New Love

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

Adventures in Dystopia

Genres: , Contest Category – Humor & Entertainment,

The Secret of the Farmer’s Wife

Genres: , Contest Category – Romance,

Twisted Necromancy

Genres: , Contest Category – Fantasy,

When Shadows Dance

Genres: , Contest Category – Romance,

Don’t Judge Me, I Had Lost Myself in Love

Genres: , Contest Category – Memoir & Autobiography,

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  1. Quinton Bradshaw says:

    First off, thank God for this opportunity! Secondly, i want to say thank you for taking your time to give my story a chance and I am ecstatic to continue sharing my work with the public. This is what I dreamed and prayed for and to see it flourish is just amazing!

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