The Grand Prize Winners of SOOP’s 2nd Annual Short Story Contest!

Last year was a defining moment in our company, and there are reasons to reflect on some of our achievements.

Something Or Other Publishing has made it a mission to recognize excellent writing of short stories and flash fiction, offering cash rewards and granting winners the opportunity to have their works printed.

SOOP’s innovative Author-Driven Publishing Model effectively unites traditional and self-publishing’s desirable elements, leveraging the power of social media and crowdsourcing. This revolutionary approach equips authors with comprehensive knowledge and resources, assisting them with essential aspects of the publishing industry, like building a fan base, creating captivating content, and improving their author persona. Our interactive voting program enables authors to develop a genuine bond with prospective readers whose votes represent a spark of curiosity to know more about the stories in progress. Writers can reap the benefits of this program to gather supporters, understand their expectations and aim for higher targets according to how they fare.

These programs led to the foundation of our Annual Short Story Contest, our flagship competition to give developing writers an unprecedented opportunity to become published authors and take home $500 grand prizes for both Fiction and Non-Fiction entries. Our first venture on this competition proudly led us to celebrate the release of Winners, our first anthology compiling the best short stories from last year’s contest!

This year was full of exciting, intriguing, heart-blasting, and mind-blowing stories that proved to us the value of this initiative to introduce the next generation of authors in today’s ever-changing publishing industry. We are beyond grateful for the tremendous performance of all the writers who conquered this competition, and we invite those who proved their potential to submit new stories once again. 

We asked them to showcase their best talents on paper, and they made their stories shine like stars in the night sky!

Grand Prize Winners 2022


The Dragon of Chilkoot Pass by Henrietta DuCap


On Being Alone at the End of the World by Liana DeMasi

1st Runner-Up

The Etching by Dylan Lyons

2nd Runner-Up


Breaking Through by Lisa Jane Hussey


Living My Vision without Sight: My Purpose Then and Now by JW Smith

1st Runner-Up

Junior and The Doll by Liz Reeder

2nd Runner-Up



Join us as we seek out inspiring tales from talented writers everywhere by participating in the 3rd Annual Short Story Contest.

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  1. Congratulations to them all. Can’t wait for prizes.

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