AuthentiCity: The Path towards Uniqueness!

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Today we want to remind you of one of the best assets you need to leverage: Authenticity. Your journey, essence, and experience inspired you to chase a career in the publishing industry and share your stories with the world. We want more people to follow your victories and support your efforts as you expand your readership across new audiences. 

Here are two things you can try out to show your uniqueness to the world: 

  1. Memes: They are a fantastic way to generate attention from outsiders. Try finding memes related to your writing career, your story, and the process of becoming a successful author. Using memes is a raw but empathic practice to interact with readers and show them more about yourself; for instance, what makes you laugh and think. 
  2. Day-to-day activities: Anything you can share on your platforms to generate likes and comments. You can share short videos, live streams, photos, and even tweets about your daily life to show your readers how they can relate to you, adding additional value to your credibility and likeability as a writer. 

Time Magazine recently addressed their view on “Authenticity” through an article about The Kardashian family’s new reality show on Hulu. Feel free to read it below to get a broader perspective on authenticity (You can read the full article here):  

The appearance of authenticity is one of the main reasons consumers gravitate to certain influencers. For the Kardashians, whose brand centered around the relatability of their family, maintaining an outlet for connecting in this way with their fans could also be key to why the family decided to return to get back in front of TV Cameras. The Kardashians aren’t saying “go buy my product”; they’re talking about it or giving you an insight on how it’s built and all the nuances of it and then all of the sudden, you want to be a part of that, so you go out and make those purchases. The minute you start having something that’s completely raw and unfiltered, you truly create an emotional connection with that audience and your consumers. Consumers are more invested in what’s happening on a day-to-day basis and when they start to do that, they want to be a part of that journey- and being part of that, is buying the product. The Kardashians are the OGs of this.”

We are confident that you will find something special you can share with your readers to strengthen your connection with them and bring new people on board that want to know more about you.

Best Wishes,

The SOOP Team

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