Best ways to earn votes for your Short Story!

At Something and Other Publishing, we emphasize the need for methods and techniques that allow you to take your work to the next level. We currently have a voting system that allows our authors to interact with their readers. This approach will give you a general idea about the acceptance of your work among the readers’ communities. 

Here are some tips that will allow you to get more votes within our demanding community:

  1. Be Original: Write a unique story that sets you apart from the rest. There are thousands of writers out there creating valuable content for different audiences. Come up with a differentiator and develop it.
  2. Identify your Audience: Knowing what niche you are targeting is fundamental. Identify your target audience and plan a strategy to reach them out. Studying the behavior of your target and what the competition is doing will give you an overview of what your strengths are and what weaknesses you need to improve.
  3. Have an online presence: One of the biggest assets in today’s publishing world is your online presence in social media. Having a direct meeting point with your followers allows you to create a link between you and your readers. By taking advantage of these tools, you can create an engaging community around you.
  4. Be bold: The common denominator is that you don’t take risks and always stick to generic formula. From this space, we recommend you not to limit yourself, exploit your full potential, and deliver to the public a work full of unexpected scenarios because that is the power of a writer. Change an entire world with just a couple of lines, so dare and take everything to the next level.

Apply these tips to your voting formula and boost your chances of getting votes. Make a place for yourself among the best authors on our platform and acquire incredible privileges. 


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