3 Keys To Create The Perfect Novel


Competitiveness is always present in the publishing world. Writers are always looking for ways to create stories with enough differentiating elements that can help them position themselves among their desired readers. There is no magic formula that guarantees success when seeking to captivate different audiences with the same story. 

It may seem hard to achieve, but the SOOP Marketing team is here to give you three tips that will help you elevate your novel to its maximum potential: 

  1. Originality: If there is one element that can position you above the competition, it is this. Nobody wants to hear the same story over and over again, so take your imagination to the next level and offer something that no one has ever read before. We know very well that there are limiting aspects to creating a story. Even if it is fictional or real, you should always look for a way to offer something different and unique to the world. 
  2. Highs and lows: your story will need a good narrative rhythm. Most readers don’t remember all the details of what they read until they become interested in the story. We don’t want that happening to you! Propose an engaging narrative that will keep the readers with their eyes stuck to the book. Your rhythm is the roller coaster of emotions of your novel, which is why you must learn how to manage the highs and lows within it well.
  3. Be bold: It starts from the synopsis and development of your characters by taking risks and innovating according to the storyline you have developed. Many writers miss the opportunity to create beautiful stories because they are afraid to innovate and stick strictly to a classic formula. Versatility will help you attract new readers and break out of the standard mold. Dare to embark on a new adventure in every paragraph of your story!

As you can see, originality, development, and boldness are three main components to consider when developing a story. Remember to know your desired readers and your preferred genres to define your niche target audiences. 

We hope you find this helpful! Start now to develop your skills and take them to the next level. 


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