Author Success: The Meteoric Rise of Ken Tingley

The promising career of Ken Tingley began in 1988 when he became an editor of his local newspaper, The Post-Star, in Glen Falls, NY. His decision marked the beginning of a meteoric rise for one of the most relevant local journalists of all time. During the onset of the pandemic, Tingley saw the perfect opportunity to retire from the world of journalism. However, it kicked off his legendary story compilation, The Last American Editor. A work that collects more than 83 columns written during his successful career, these stories were great reports for the time in which they saw the light so, the author decides to revive that magic but this time to make it available to the whole world. 

The Last American Editor hit the #1 Amazon Best Seller during its first week of release and has become one of the hottest books on our catalog. Filled with happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, and empowerment, Tingley provides a new angle to these inspiring stories that will touch the heartstrings of all readers, exposing his incredible journalistic gifts.

In his most recent interview, Ken Tingley spoke about the importance of local journalism for small-town citizens. He highlighted that newspapers tend to ignore local communities, and the idea of having platforms where they can have a voice is crucial to the growth and development of our society. Tingley describes his book as a letter to his colleagues to not let local journalism die, which is why he hopes that this compilation of columns will inspire the new generation to get into investigative and local journalism. Tingley is currently working on his second book, “The Last American Newspaper,” which will chronicle his 32-year career at the Glens Falls Post-Star. It looks like we’ll have another hit on our hands in the coming months.

Something Or Other Publishing is honored to serve as a platform for authors like Ken Tingley. Our company will always be open to all those who wish to expose their writing to the world. We have created a community where anyone can have a safe space to express themselves. 

The Last American Editor is available on Click here if you wish to enjoy this wonderful book during the holiday season!


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