SOOP announces the first set of winners in its Annual Short Story Contest!

SOOP announces the first set of winners in its Annual Short Story Contest!

It’s always a great feeling to accomplish your goals, especially under the difficult times we live in right now. There’s no better way to celebrate National Author’s Day than by announcing the end of the 1st Edition of SOOP’s (Something Or Other Publishing) Annual Short Story Contest!

SOOP’s ultimate goal is to unite authors, readers, and service providers through a revolutionary publishing platform. Our team decided to take a big step to turn this into reality by creating an Annual Short Story Contest designed to honor excellence in writing short stories and flash fiction for emerging authors, while also helping them understand the need to crowdsource readers interested in their work, prior to publication. SOOP is delighted at the success of this unique opportunity to everybody that wishes to succeed as an author in today’s commercial publishing environment. Providing a platform that can give emerging authors the spotlight their writing deserves is our best path to grow towards a successful future. 

Dannelle Gay, SOOP’s Contest Coordinator and Director of Anthologies shared her perspective on our first year with us for this blog: 

“I was pleasantly surprised at the results of SOOP’s first annual short story contest! The number of diverse stories, as well as the quality of the content, was a testament to all the budding authors out there. I won’t kid you –– it was a lot of work to read over so many contributions –– but it was worth it! We will be publishing several anthologies over the next twelve months and a lot of contracts will be offered to the writers. I can only imagine what this next year will bring –– as we have doubled all the cash prizes! If you didn’t enter, I would highly suggest you think about it! I never know who our next winners will be –– it could be YOU.”

There are not enough words to thank all the participants for their wonderful stories; each category was full of confident authors willing to show the world that they merit a spot in the publishing world. 

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 1st Edition of SOOP’s annual Short Story Contest: 


Fiction Categories

Winner: The Irony of Everything by Rachel Rubinger

First Runner Up: Greetings from Earth by Preston Dennet

Second Runner Up: The Storyteller’s Daughter by Sophie Trist


Non-Fiction Categories

Winner: Pictures on the Wall by Chana Kohanchi

First Runner Up: A Sullivan Survives by Laura Underwood 

Second Runner Up: The Family by Chana Kohanchi



Fiction Categories


First Place: Tales of Hunger in the Forest of Death by Amrita Chatterjee 


Children’s Fiction

First Place: The Extraordinary by Joy Christopher

Second Place: A Very Beautiful Rainbow by Marcus Mulenga 

Third Place: Alyssum’s Wish by Danielle Ice


Detective & Mystery 

First Place: The Hexagon Key by Dawn DeBraal

Second Place: Him by Maria Rice

Third Place: Hill, Anderson, Waggoner by Dave Anderson



First Place: The Irony of Everything by Rachel Rubinger

Second Place: Generation P. by Ana Zagerson

Third Place: Remember the Good Things, Forget the Bad Things by Lillian Brueckman 



First Place: The Storyteller’s Daughter by Sophie Trist

Second Place: ​​Twelve by Wren Handman

Third Place: Liana and the Seventh Spin by Roberta Azzopardi


Historical Fiction 

First Place:  If the Lord Don’t Forgive Me by Bree Brincat

Second Place: Harmony Hall by Chad Crossley

Third Place: Tillamook by Doug Drowley



First Place: Grace’s Garden by Jayson Allen

Second Place: Bound Together by Morris

Third Place: The Corvid by Chandra Menezes



First Place: The Gift by Travis Myles

Second Place: Max by Travis Myles

Third Place: Letters for Maggie by Travis Myles



First Place: The Trip for True Love by Deja Kuehn 

Second Place: ​​Time and Elevators Heal All Wounds by Eryn LaPlant

Third Place: Daddy Day by Billy Vera



First Place: Greetings from Earth by Preston Dennet

Second Place: Population Control by Scott Blanke

Third Place: To Steal the Stars by Lauren Smith



First Place: A Key in the Lock by Kate Hirsch

Second Place: Bury Your Dead by Emily Dernoeden


Young Adult

First Place: The Collector by Haley Forté

Second Place: Dulce by Jessica Parrish 

Third Place: Whatever It Takes by Alexia Muralles


Non-Fiction Categories


First Place: A Sullivan Survives by Laura Underwood 

Second Place: Roy McDonald: Profile in Courage by Ken Tingley

Third Place: The Chipper by Lea Smith


Families & Relationships

First Place: Pictures on the Wall by Chana Kohanchi

Second Place: Loosening by Chad Crossley

Third Place: The Secret by Giovanni Margarone


Humor & Entertainment 

First Place: Fish Wish by Jeremy Arthur 

Second Place: The Chicken Lady by Rebecca Jimenez 

Third Place: My Interview with an Airline by Marlene DeVere


Memoir & Autobiography

First Place: The Family by Chana Kohanchi

Second Place: The Little Black Book of Soyuznik by David Lutes

Third Place: Divorce in the Time of Social Media by Lindsay Schraad


Motivational & Inspirational

First Place: Between Life and Death by Sameen Azmat 


Religion & Spirituality 

First Place: Crocheting in Heaven by Eve Gaal

Second Place: Black and Benevolent is the Dark by Merville Bishop


Congratulations to all the winners!


Notes on the prizes:

SOOP’s team of Curators advanced the top three entries from each category to the Semi-finals, which were then evaluated by an independent panel of judges for consideration in the Category and Grand Prize Awards with their respective Cash Prizes. In order to win a prize, submissions had to achieve at least 15 out of a possible 25 total points from the panel of judges. As a result, not all possible prizes were awarded for lack of qualified entries. This is to ensure the credibility of our contest and the value of the award to those who submitted exceptional entries.  Many qualified entries in the most popular categories were not able to reach the top but are still excellent enough to receive a publishing offer from SOOP, whether in their current submitted state or with additional assistance from SOOP’s editorial team.

Finally, The SOOP team would like to invite you to participate in the 2nd edition of the Annual Short Story Contest! If you would like to get a chance to become a published author and win cash prizes, this is your moment to shine!

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