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Something or Other Publishing is delighted to announce an exclusive offer for the release of Ken Tingley’s The Last American Editor. 

Ken Tingley has been on the front lines of community journalism for over four decades. First as a sportswriter, later as a sports editor, and finally as editor of The Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, The Post-Star, in Glens Falls, N.Y.

Tingley’s journey has been all about reaching out to the people that don’t have a voice in his community. His book, The Last American Editor, invites readers to explore the meaning of life beyond the ordinary. A generous collection of his columns from his impressive journalist career are contained here; Tingley’s columns were not focused only on opinion or commentary; they explore particular themes or periods of a person’s life that best represent Small-Town America.

On August 19th, The SOOP team is launching an exclusive limited offer that includes a Kindle edition of The Last American Editor PLUS a Coupon for a future SOOP publication – for just $2.99. This is a limited time last offer that expires August 24th.

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