SOOP announces 2nd Edition of Annual Short Story Contest!

Wishing to become a published author AND win a cash prize?

Something or Other Publishing is happy to announce the start of the 2nd edition of our Annual Short Story Contest! ​​

SOOP’s contest is designed to honor excellence in writing short stories and flash fiction, especially for emerging Authors. All valid entries are reviewed by SOOP’s team of Curators who award a “Curator’s Choice” cash prize from each heat of 25 qualified entries.  The top three entries from each heat move forward to the Semi-finals, to be judged by an independent panel of judges, for consideration for additional Awards and Cash Prizes to the authors.

This year we have doubled our cash prizes in 13 fiction and 12 non-fiction short story categories. We would love for you to submit and have the opportunity to win a portion of the $5,000 we have allocated to this contest.  Submissions are always open in:

Fiction Categories with Max Word Count:

Fantasy – 5,000 words

Science Fiction – 5,000 words

Dystopian – 5,000 words

Adventure – 3,000 words 

Romance – 3,000 words 

Detective & Mystery – 5,000 words

Horror – 3,000 words 

Thriller – 3,000 words

LGBTQ+ – 3,000 words

Historical Fiction – 5,000 words 

Young Adult – 2,000 words

Children’s Fiction – 2,000 words

Non-Fiction Categories with Max Word Count:

Memoir & Autobiography – 5,000 words

Biography – 3,000 words

Self-help / Personal development – 3,000 words

Motivational / Inspirational – 3,000 words

Health & Fitness – 3,000 words

History – 5,000 words 

Families & Relationships – 5,000 words

Humor & Entertainment – 2,000 words

Business & Money – 3,000 words

Religion & Spirituality – 2,000 words

Politics & Social Sciences – 2,000 words

Travel – 5,000 words

True Crime – 5,000 words

Poetry Collections Word Count:

Poetry collections may range from 3 to 5 poems with a combined word count of up to 400 words. Please submit your collection as a single document in the submission form.


We will keep you updated with the rules and the steps for participation. In the meantime, stay tuned to our Facebook Page and all of our social media platforms. 

This is your opportunity to SHINE and become a published author!


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