Cuppa SOOP Awards: Announcing SOOP’s first Bouillon Prize winners

It’s Time to Celebrate!

The SOOP team is happy to announce the first winners of our Bouillon Prizes, as part of our New CUPPA SOOP Awards. These valuable prizes are tools and resources that three upcoming Author / Chefs can use to cook their books to perfection, with the help of our platform and other service providers who come highly recommended through our programs.

The first #SOOPWinners for the CUPPA SOOP Awards are those who reached the #1, #2 and #3 positions on our monthly Top 30 Blog, by getting the most votes in July for their submissions. Without further ado – here they are…

  1. Aleksandar (Sasha) Veljic won a $50 Bouillon Coupon for:  ‘The First Hitler’s Ally in Europe’ 
  2. Angraj Waghmare won a $30 Bouillon Coupon for: ‘Had to marry sister’ 
  3. Rennaya Writes  won a $10 Bouillon Coupon for: ‘Hiraeth (I long to return home to you)’ 

Congratulations to the winners! SOOP Bouillon coupons are redeemable for products and services from SOOP’s Store. We’ll be reaching out to these winners to consult with them on how to further optimize the value of their prizes.

AND!  We’ll continue to work creatively to find more ways in which Authors, Readers and Service Providers can earn valuable awards in the near future. Stay tuned to this blog and to our Facebook page.

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