Cuppa SOOP Awards: Introducing Bouillon prizes

We are happy to welcome you again in the SOOP kitchen for today’s edition of the SOOP Winners blog! Last week we shared the first recipes for winning SOOP Bouillon, Broth and Stock.  Today we want to focus on how to win and use Soop Bouillon

How can you participate?

Pretty Simple! You can be eligible for a SOOP Bouillon prize by submitting a Book or Anthology Idea here. Your goal? Get as many votes as you can! Whoever gets the most votes in a given month will win first place, with second and third going to the runners up. 

 The three places consist of: 

1st Place 50$ coupon worth of services on SOOP’s MarketPlace

2nd Place 30$ coupon worth of services on SOOP’s MarketPlace

3rd Place 10$ coupon worth of services on SOOP’s MarketPlace

How can you use your prize effectively? Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Premium Platform Program – SOOP Author Driven Certification Program
  2. Fulfill pre-order commitments in any Anthology or book publication product
  3. SOOP’s premium marketing package- no restrictions.
  4. Premium versions of Marketing Materials
  5. Discounts on SOOP’s products

We can’t wait to announce our first set of winners at the end of July!  So keep those votes coming! And next week we’ll share more ways to win and use SOOP Broth Awards.

In the meantime, keep writing, reading, and spreading the word about SOOP!

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