Should You Hire a Book Publicist?

A question many authors have is:“Should I hire a book publicist?”

There is no quick and easy answer because it depends on your long-term goals and financial situation. Moreover, you need to be clear on what you hope a publicist will do for your career. However, a publicist can be a solid investment for the right authors.

One of the most important things to know about publicity is that there are no guarantees.

A good publicist can tell you what they think they can accomplish for your book, but they cannot promise any of it. Remember, there are “no guarantees”. There are gatekeepers between the publicist and the results you want, whether it is an appearance on “The Daily Show” or an interview about your book’s topic in the Chicago Tribune. The gatekeeper is a producer, editor, writer, or reporter. They are the people who decide which sources get interviews and which products get featured.

The “no guarantees” nature of publicity can help you decide if you should hire a publicist.

Who should hire a book publicist?

  • Authors with a high-quality self-published book who want to use publicity to help them get distribution in bookstores stores and libraries.
  • Individuals looking to build a platform for a career’s worth of books.
  • Those who can afford to spend the money without worrying about whether they will earn the money back.
  • People who have already invested in a professional cover design and editing and who have asked several objective readers to provide constructive feedback on the book. In other words, they have put effort into creating a darned good book.
  • Those with a traditional publishing contract who received a large enough advance against royalties to fund an outside publicist.
  • Consultants, coaches, and professional speakers who wrote a book to help build their career, generate higher fees, and build a client base.
  • Authors who know that the size of their next advance depends on how well their most recent book sold. They want to make sure they sell enough copies of this one to get a solid advance for the next one.
    Hiring a publicist is a career investment. It is important to understand because, quite honestly, it is unlikely that you will earn back your publicist fees in book royalties or sales alone.
    But the visibility that a good publicist can generate for your book can lead to substantial income through:
  • More and better paying speaking engagements.
  • Higher consulting fees.
  • More coaching and/or consulting clients.
  • A larger platform for related products that can include online courses and companion workbooks.

Please consider all the information in this article in helping you to determine whether or not to hire a publicist.


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