How to Write a Book Blurb: Writing a Book Blurb That Gets Readers to BUY

A book blurb a small description or summary that is written on the back cover of books. In today’s digital world, the blurb is also used on sales pages on Amazon and other online book retailers. This is where having a great book blurb is especially important as potential readers don’t have your book to pick up and thumb through before deciding whether or not to buy it.

Follow these 5 easy steps and you will be able to write a quick, sassy and stunning book blurb in no time.

1. Your Readers are Everything

Make sure you have your target audience in mind when writing your blurb. You have to know their preferences. You have to know what they’re used to reading in other books in your genre—not so you can copy! So you can copy with an unexpected twist!

2. Start with a Bang!

Your start should be as sassy as you are. If the reader is impressed in the first two lines, then remember you are never going to lose him or her. Use weighty, impactful words to reach the heart and soul of the reader. 

3. Keep it short & Crisp

The blurb is like an appetizer. You’re not trying to fully satisfy readers. You’re trying to make them just hungry enough to turn to your book as the main course. So, the content of the blurb should be short and precise yet interesting. Try to keep it between 100 to 150 words.

4. Avoid the Unnecessary

Make a point that you don’t write things that are not required. Be apt and direct with your approach. Attention spans are increasingly limited. Bored readers are readers who don’t finish your book. 

5. Don’t let mistakes slide

When you are done with your blurb, check and double-check it for grammar and spelling mistakes. Use the right punctuation. Also, before it’s too late, make sure that your blurb “traps” the reader and all but forces them to buy your book! 


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