For Britain Party Founder Anne Marie Waters on Her New Book: ‘In Defense of Democracy’


For Britain Founder Anne Marie Waters speaks on Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy

For Britain Founder Anne Marie Waters defends the democratic way of life.

The brave Dutch politician Geert Wilders once said that the great sickness afflicting Western society is the scourge of moral relativism.  This sickness, disseminated by the left-wing dominated mainstream press and politics, purports that morals differ depending upon the parties involved.  So, for example it would be a terrible crime to mutilate the genitals of a young white English girl, but to do the same to a Somali or Egyptian girl is less so, because it is justified in the name of culture.  Therefore, Somali or Egyptian families are held to a lower moral standard than white English families, and as a result, Somali and Egyptian girls receive no protection. Moral relativism is therefore a racist code that condemns to suffering those young girls abandoned in the name of culture; it is culture that is protected, not young girls. 


In an increasingly globalized world, cultures are being forced to live together through mass migration, and relativism becomes further and further entrenched.  White majority Western countries now have large populations with cultural practices that constitute serious crimes, but these are unpunished thanks to the widespread insistence that ‘what is immoral for us is not immoral for them’.  


The bulk of the world’s cultures are not democratic.  This is the case whether or not they hold elections. Elections are not democracy, but merely a tactic utilized in order to elect rulers.  If the election is held in a society that does not practice free speech, this is not a democracy, irrespective of how many elections it holds.  If all citizens are not equal, a country is not a democracy, irrespective of how many elections it holds. Democracy has a definition, it is a way of life; a way of life in which the citizen holds the power, is free, and can choose his or her own path.  Many of the world’s countries do not believe in this. They believe in religious or authoritarian power, and their citizens are murdered, tortured or enslaved by their own leaders. Now, Western democracies are home to people from such countries, who themselves reject democracy, having never known it.  


The left-wing mainstream in the West, which also rejects democracy, has elevated non-democratic ideologies to the moral equivalent of democratic ones, and it is this that Geert Wilders has alluded to.  But is it true? Is democracy the moral equal of non-democracy? The answer is no, and in my book, I intend to prove it. 


‘In Defense of Democracy’ will be published in 2020 and in it, I will demonstrate what democracy is, how it works, what it aspires to, and why it is morally superior to all other systems of government.  I will look at non-democratic societies and make a detailed comparison. I will look too at the world’s great democracies, and argue that while none are perfect, they should be defended and protected as superior.  


The United States, the world’s leading democracy, is roundly criticized throughout the world, but rarely praised as the anchor of Western civilization.  I will defend the United States and its position as world superpower.  


Democracy did not begin with the US however.  Europe, from Greece to Britain, is the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of some of the world’s most successful and civilized countries.  I will defend Europe, and explain why it must remain Europe; the greatest and freest civilization the world has ever known.  


The US, Australia, Western Europe, and Israel, will be examined, their demonization confronted, and their moral superiority outlined clearly.  We need this. Western citizens need to understand how lucky we are to live in democracies, and we must understand why. We must confront and denounce the racism of moral relativism and return to law and order, freedom of speech and conscience, and the liberties we have previously known.  


The campaign to overturn the result of the Brexit referendum, as well as the refusal to accept the election of Donald Trump in the US, have shown the extent of anti-democratic power in the West at present.  It has therefore never been more important for us to understand democracy, what it is (and isn’t), and why we must not only defend it, but promote it as the only moral and just system of governance that humanity has yet devised. 


I hope ‘In Defense of Democracy’ will aid in this vital endeavor.  


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