SOOP Cuts Its Initial Voting Requirement in Half

We’re excited to announce a major revamp of our core Book Idea Program.


  • reduced our initial voting requirement to 1,000 (vs. the previous 2,000)
  • shifted homework assignments towards creating a successful pre-order campaign
  • updated our recommendations based on the latest publishing and marketing trends.

New Initial Voting Requirement

While SOOP’s initial voting requirement has changed over the years, it has always been a means to an end and not the end itself. SOOP’s voting model allows authors to both show us that there is demand for their book and to build a highly valuable email list that can be effectively used to sell pre-orders once they have a contract in hand.

By reducing our initial voting requirement to 1,000, we believe that more of a proper emphasis will be placed on quality over quantity—1,000 votes that each represent someone who is highly likely to pre-order a copy or two of the book is much more valuable than many more votes that represent the equivalent of a casual Facebook “like”.

Updated Homework Prepares Authors for Pre-order Campaign

We’re proud to be working with Publishizer to facilitate pre-order campaigns for authors in our program. Publishizer has created a well thought out, well executed way to harness reader’s excitement and use it to open up a variety of publishing options to our most promising authors.. 

While our homework was always intended to prepare author for a successful pre-order campaign, we’ve updated our assignments to reflect our use of Publishizer. This update will also allow authors to go from contract signing to pre-order campaign launch more quickly.

Updated Marketing Recommendations Reflect the Situation in 2020

While marketing principles tend to hold true over time, marketing tactics need to constantly evolve to stay relevant and effective. Planning for 2020, SOOP recognized that it needed to update its recommendations related to marketing tactics. For instance, we’ve added recommendations related to Instagram, which several of our authors have used quite successfully over the last several months. 

Would you like your Book Idea to be updated to reflect the reduced voting requirement? Send us an email! You can reach us at [email protected]


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