The Wise Men of the West

The Wise Men of the West—A Search for the Promised One and the Discovery of the Universal Light

George Fox, perhaps more than any other Protestant reformer of his age, was able to see the big picture. He understood that the universal nature of God required a more universal understanding of humanity’s religious experience. And yet stretching out ahead of him were religious awakenings largely driven by expectations of a very specific returning Messiah.

For this reason, the author of “The Wise Men of the West” felt that the leading seeker in his story, Zach Thompson, should have a Quaker background.  Zach’s open perspective on the return of Christ is juxtaposed against the Adventist movement that grew out of the second great awakening of the early 1,800s. 

These contrastings inputs lead Zach to eastern lands at the dawn of the modern age. He encounters believers from a variety of religious traditions in his quest to find the Promised One. He is surprised to uncover the fulfillment of a promise which is much larger than anything he could have imagined.

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