The Wise Men of the West

Those who think deeply about the justice of a single Creator will recognize that He/She/It must necessarily provide spiritual guidance to all of the peoples of the Earth.  Further reflection leads to an understanding that the various religions must have come from One common Source, and that the reasons for any differences between them arise from our limited ability, as followers, to fully understand the deeper meanings of each revelation.  

The similarity between the religions is most apparent in the ethical standards they promote. But how can we square this with the prophecies that are found not only in the Old and New Testaments, but also in the Quran and indeed in the scripture of most religions—prophecies that seem to show their own religion as being triumphant in the end?

“The Wise Men of the West” is a story about the journey of two men who are both willing and able to set out on a search for answers. Although they are initially limited to searching for the fulfillment of the prophecies of their own religion, their search in the Holy Land and beyond will lead them to the discovery of the fulfillment of prophecies of other religions, as well, and to a dawning realization that the expectations of any one religion might each be just a piece of a much larger whole.

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