The Wise Men of the West

Author Jay Tyson has produced an amazing gem of a book that will certainly excite readers this Christmas season. Inspired by curiosity around how the Magi were able to arrive at the birthplace of Christ, The Wise Men of the West asks the question whether we too could obtain the presence of the Divine, if we just knew where to look. Set in the 1840s, this historical novel follows two spiritual explorers—Zach Thompson and James Lawrence—inspired by the surge of religious expectation and zeal around the return of Christ at that time that was in part sparked by the teachings of William Miller. They, like the Magi before them, embarked upon a journey to the East, to the Holy Land. Theirs’ is a universal quest, and what they find, although further away geographically and culturally, is much nearer to the hearts of all religious seekers throughout the ages.

Purchase the book now via Amazon and receive it in time for Christmas.

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