The Wise Men of the West

In October, one hundred seventy-five years ago, many of our forefathers were in a state of high expectation that Christ would return in accordance with Jesus’ explanation (Matt 24:15) and the visions which the prophet Daniel had received from the angel Gabriel (Daniel 8 & 9), as understood and taught by William Miller.  

When their expectations were not met, the believers concluded that something must have been wrong with the calculation.  So they started a process of providing new interpretations and calculations to push the date forward.  But no one seemed willing to explore the alternative possibility:  that the time was correct, but the nature of the expectation was not.  

In spite of the appearance of the Great Comet of 1843, no one was willing to follow the example of the Wise Men of the East—those Zoroastrian magi from Persia who undertook a successful search for The Promised One of their age—a search that took them far beyond the boundaries of their own country, religion, and culture.  As they searched for the “King of the Jews” they remained open to the unexpected ways in which God often fulfills His promises. 

“The Wise Men of the West—A Search for the Promised One in the Latter Days” asks “What if some wise men from the West had carried out a similar a search in the 1840s?  What if they had followed Jesus’ instruction to look to the east?  What might they have found?  And how might their discoveries, even today, enhance the legacy of William Miller?”  People’s response to their discoveries range anywhere from “thought provoking” to “life changing.” Each reader must decide.

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