Political Opinion Piece: For Britain Founder Anne Marie Waters on Boris Johnson’s Election

Anne Marie Waters is the Founder of the For Britain political party and author of Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy. Ms. Waters’ views have sparked controversy in her native UK and elsewhere. While our Authors’ views are their own, SOOP is a proud supporter of freedom of expression. – Something or Other Publishing

For Britain Founder Anne Marie Waters speaks on Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy

Boris Johnson is the new UK Prime Minister, and left-wingers are in a spin.  They are furious that a man they see as “Islamophobic” has risen to the country’s top job.  While there is room for optimism with Johnson, when it comes to his “Islamophobia”, it simply isn’t true, and the assumption that it is, is taking our eye off the ball. 

Boris Johnson is pro-Brexit, and for those of us who want our European Union departure to happen as soon as possible, this is very good news indeed.  Many are now pinning their hopes on the former Mayor of London to take us out of the EU, as he promised, by the 31st of October.  If he does so, the country can finally move on, and we can get back to scrutinizing the Conservatives and the party’s impact here at home.  

Despite the accusations of “Islamophobia”, Boris Johnson in reality appeases Islam, and just as vitally, he is soft on immigration.  Islam and immigration are the two biggest issues that will impact this country’s future, and yet again we have a Prime Minister who simply doesn’t grasp this.  If he does, he’s in favour of the complete transformation of Britain and its culture at the hands of mass immigration, and all in the name of economics. It’s the same thing we’ve had from politicians for decades. 

In my book Beyond Terror: Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy, I point out exactly how immigration, specifically from Muslim lands, has created a fractured Britain, with Muslims living outside of the law. 

Up and down our land, we have “sharia councils” (in reality, sharia courts) overseeing family law cases (as well as criminal law) and doing so according to a rulebook that is entirely at odds with British law.  British law requires the equal treatment of men and women for example, whereas sharia treats a woman as worth half of a man. It is unacceptable that this should be tolerated in the UK, but it is, and politicians do nothing.  Politicians also do nothing about FGM, child marriage, apostate violence, rape gangs, anti-Semitism, and other horrors that are perpetuated by Muslims in the UK. There’s every suggestion that this will not change under Boris Johnson, and the UK will have years of further conflict to look forward to. 

Leftists consider the Prime Minister “Islamophobic” because he once compared burqa-clad women to “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”.  That’s pretty much it. They seem not to have noticed Boris’ bragging about having a Muslim background, or his statements such as “Islamophobia posed a serious problem to cohesion and multiculturalism in Britain and it was important that all parties and organisations unite to defeat this menace.”

He’s also weak on immigration and for this reason alone, should not be compared to Donald Trump.  In his first days in office, he has already scrapped Theresa May’s policy of reducing immigration, and promoted amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Who these illegal immigrants are, and whether they are good for the UK, has not been questioned. He’s also sending out a very dangerous message to the world – that the UK is open and all you need to do is get here.  We’ve had quite enough of that already. Now we will have more of the same. 

Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister is celebrated by the political right in Britain, and while I don’t want to be the one to bring bad news to the table, they are wrong to get so excited.  That they are this excited is testament to how long they’ve waited for someone to take them out of the EU, and if Boris can do that, they’ll look away from the appeasement of Islam and the mass immigration. 

This is a fundamental mistake, and it means our troubles will get worse and worse.  We still have years to wait for a leader who will truly save our future and keep it British.   


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