#Wednesdays are for Writers: Featuring our new SOOP Author, Mr. Dennis Lee Hague – From a GUN to a PEN- From being a Soldier to a Writer

I’m still a soldier, fighting with my pen and paper for peace till the day I cease. – by: Emmanuel Jal

Indeed Mr. Dennis Lee Hague experienced this as he completed a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Viet Nam as a marine and later on became a Writer. Though he was a retired Soldier, the physical war did not stop him from fighting, but he continued with a much powerful tool to continue spreading the peace – by using Pen and Paper.

Mr. Dennis Lee Hague was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, the youngest of three boys. The “seeds” for his passion for history were “planted” early in life. As a child residing in an older section of the community, Dennis was “held captive” visiting historical sites near his home. Riding his bicycle, he vividly recalls on numerous occasions visiting a Civil War training site.

In addition, he particularly enjoyed admiring a huge oak tree called Council Oak where LaSalle conferred with the Miami Indians. While at these various historical sites, his imagination could run wild seeing Native American Indians, French explorers, and soldiers training for the Civil War.

In the evenings, history remained in the forefront as Dennis would read and travel the world fantasying about Sherwood Forest in The The Eyes of the Comet Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, or the Himalaya Mountains in Lost Horizon, just to name a few.

Through his imagination, he was fortunate to grasp the significance of reading to “open the doors” to adventure, understanding, and knowledge. Dennis entered Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and received a bachelor’s degree in social science.

He then completed a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Viet Nam. After leaving the Marines, he returned to Ball State as a teaching assistant and completed his master’s degree in world history. During the next thirty-two years, Dennis taught United States history and future studies at Wheeling High School in Wheeling, Illinois near Chicago.

His love for history and working with young people never subsided. He would always say that his “work was his passion”. Dennis currently lives outside of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where his fondness for teaching history has now been extended to writing historical novels.

His latest Book is “The Eyes of the Comet: An American Slave Odyssey”.

The Eyes of the Comet – An American Slave Odyssey is a “highly charged” historical novel whose time has finally arrived. The story captures the “vibrancy” of the South during the antebellum period. An exciting adventure, packed with all the intrigue and passion necessary to fill the reader’s imagination, the book represents a carefully researched compilation of material woven into various “themes and connections”, which provide us with a fresh examination of the era. Scenes throughout the novel are based on careful research and simply not manufactured, which addresses the old adage that “the truth can be stranger than fiction”.

To purchase the book, just click on the book title and it will link you to the Amazon page.

To our dear SOOP Supporters and Writers, let us all SUPPORT Mr. Dennis Lee Hague on his new journey.

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