‘Willow Rose Learns Honesty’, by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast, was brought to life in Tower Rock Elementary School

As you all know, based on the previous blog articles, ‘Willow Rose Learns Honesty’ by MarviaKorol and Meredith Mast is the first book on the Virtues Series. Each story highlights a virtue such as honesty, responsibility, patience, and kindness- in a concise and colorful manner and geared specifically toward 2-8-year-olds. 

This Mother and Daughter Tandem, as we call them are having great moments spending their time to inculcate good morals and values to children. Indeed they are unstoppable in helping to build a good community through the virtues being highlighted in their books.  

Our dear Meredith Mast had the opportunity and pleasure of reading the newly published children’s book, Willow Rose Learns Honesty, at Tower Rock Elementary School.

Thanks to the help and assistance of the Tower Rock Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Kelly Petrowski who made this event possible and a success!

The school, led by Principal Kelly Petrowski, incorporates character education every month. And each month they have a character-focused discussion. Through this monthly character program, Meredith was invited to bring to life their book: ‘Willow Rose Learns Honesty’ once again, by reading the newly published children’s book in front of the group of children who were attentive and respectful as Meredith Mast was sharing.

We are so honored that SOOP is part of this journey and we are still looking forward to having the other 7 book series be published by SOOP.

To get your copy via Amazon here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732451125/?tag=someorothepub-20

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