#Wednesdays are for Writers: Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast – featured at Citrus County Chronicle

Another great adventure for Willow Rose Learns Honesty.

“Local author, daughter pen series to bring special messages of virtue”

That is the title of the segment of Ms. Sharon Anderson at Citrus County Chronicle.

On this article, Ms. Sharon Anderson of Citrus County Chronicle told the Life Story of our dear SOOP author Marvia Korol, a resident ofCitrus County, including her life journey and how her daughter, and co-author, Meredith Mast came into life and embarrassed the love of ballet. 

Meredith loved ballet so much that she founded her own Ballet School. She named her studio Storybook Ballet because, to her, ballet was about so much more than the physical dance. Much like opera, ballet revolves around a story and through dance Meredith wanted to help instill in her students the morals and virtues that form the foundation of a productive life.

Indeed, we can conclude that both of our Mother and Daughter Tandem – Meredith and Marvia’s life story reflects their virtues on their book:  Willow Rose Learns Honesty

We are so honored that SOOP is part of this journey and we are still looking forward to having the other 7 book series be published by SOOP.

For the full article Ms. Sharon Anderson’s Story for Willow Rose Learns Honesty at Citrus County Chronicle, click HERE.

To get your copy via Amazon here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732451125/?tag=someorothepub-20



Willow Rose secondary for Scene 1214 

                  Mederith Mast and Marvia Korol


 Willow Rose for Scene 1214 

Storybook Ballet students dance the “Willow Rose Learns Honesty” story, written by 

Citrus County resident Marvia Korol. Their costumes resemble roses that have bloomed on the

tree in the center, which is Willow Rose.












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