#SOOP on Sunday: Top 30 Book Ideas for November 2018

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“Publishing a book is like stuffing a note into a bottle and hurling it into the sea. Some bottles drown, some come safe to land, where the notes are read and then possibly cherished, or else misinterpreted, or else understood all too well by those who hate the message. You never know who your readers might be.” – by: Margaret Atwood 

Every book Author and Writer can relate to this adage. That is why SOOP is working hard to target your audience so to reach your desired results and people. We are offering our PREMIUM Path to our Author Driven Publishing process to those who wanted to express their views, thoughts, imagination, and creativity by submitting their BOOK IDEAS with us.

While you enjoy the rest of the week, please make sure to check out our ” November  Top 30” and choose your favorite/s.

Scroll through and select the one you like best and vote. It doesn’t have to be just one.


The Man Who Corrupted Heaven by Andrew Hood

Genres: Literature & Fiction· Mystery· Religion & Spirituality· Suspense· Thriller

2. top 20

“Beyond Terror” – Kindle Edition – by Anne Marie Waters

Genres: Arts and Photography· Politics & Social Science


’10 World Wonders’ by Yevgeny Lipen

Genres: · · 


Night Walking by Guy Ricketts



‘The dreams of life’ by Caleb Fransson

Genres: · · 


‘The Rod of Iron – Kindle Edition’ by Wade Fransson

Genres: End TimesEschatologyProphecyQuantum Physics


Jewels Among Men by Various Contributors

Genres:· · 

8. top 20  

Countdown to Pharmageddon by Jessica Robinson

 Genres: · · · · · ·


‘Arlena: Void Of My Own’ by Petra Pedro Perry

Genres: · · · · 

10. top 30  

Streams of Memories by Rebecca Sharrock

Genres:  Dieting· Education & Reference· Fitness· Health· Self-Help


The Other Side of Me by Jenny Taveras

Genres:· · · 


‘Whisper Breeze Learns Responsibility’ by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast

Genres: Relationships· Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family Parenting


Life at 12 College Road’ by Eric Mondschein: The Audio Version

Genres:· · 


‘Recipe for Nuclear Pasta: Exactly How It Ends’ by Velleity Tidsoptimist

Genres: · · 

15. The Vipharan's Visit  

The Vipharan’s Visit by Rohini Singh

Genres: Literature & Fiction· Science Fiction & Fantasy

16. T1_green  “The Orphan War Part 1” by Logan Pritchett
17. Sealed by Christian Lee  

“Sealed” by Christian Lee



Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast 

Genres: Relationships· Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family Parenting

19. Murders in Crescent Valley  

“Murders in Crescent Valley” by Doug Robbins

Genres: · · · · 

20 The Power of Gratitude  

“The Power Of Gratitude” by Lamees A.

Genres: · 

21 top 30  

Reckless by Zeke Kuenzi

Genres: Science fiction fantasy, Mystery, Suspense, ThrillerArts, and photography



Genres: · · 



Genres: · · 


The Lamb of Life by Jon Michael Lawrence

Genres: · · 


‘Living On Borrowed Time’ by Samie Sands

Genres: · · · · 


‘EIGHTEEN’ by Daniel Mignault

Genres: · · · · 

27. top 20  

‘Beyond Terror’ by Anne Marie Waters

Genres: · 


‘Dark Muse’ by philip mann philip mann

Genres: · · 


A Heck Of A Hex’ by Doug Robbins

Genres: · · 

30. top 30  

HipHughes Teacher Tips by Keith Hughes

Genres:· · 


This Month At A Glance.

Congratulations to our consistent #1  book idea for the past weeks and months – The Man Who Corrupted Heaven by Andrew Hood. Keep it up!!!

Of course let us mention our honor rolls, our Top 10 book ideas as they are really exerting effort to stay on TOP. Let us not forget the other book ideas that are in our TOP 30 for November as they also went an extra mile to be added on the list.

To our SOOP authors, we THANK YOU for all your untiring efforts and forever support to our BOOK IDEA platform.

We are so excited for you to reach a publishing contract with SOOP.

Hope to see your book ideas on the list for next month’s TOP 30. 


How do I get onto Top 30?

As stated previously, the Top 30 is the monthly culmination of our Top 20 lists. Book Idea placement is determined by a formula that takes into account how many votes a Book Idea has gotten in the last month, how quickly they got those votes, and a few other things. We have a few ways to help you make it onto these lists.

For all you DIY authors, SOOP hosts a series of Marketing Monday posts chock full of tips and tricks to getting your audience off the ground. For those of you looking for more active help, SOOP has several packages to help you with your Marketing Plan. Make sure to take a minute and check those out. Plus, the Service Marketplace offers a way for you authors to get in contact with people who can help you with your Product, Platform, and Promotion.

We Want to Work With You

Here at SOOP, we want to help you succeed. Once you have submitted your Book Idea, there are two levels of participation to get you to the end goal of publication: Free and Premium. The Free Level offers many of the same helpful services, including homework at each stage of the voting process that helps you, the author, create substantial marketing progress and develop the best book possible. These homework assignments are managed in phases and returned on a pass/fail basis.

The Premium Level offers the unique benefits of personalized feedback from our panel of experts. This gives the author a more complete idea of their direction. An 85% required a passing grade on the homework makes sure the author gets a complete picture of their progress. When armed with more information, the author can readjust with more precision.

So which Level makes the most sense for you. Read the FAQ about costs for more information and contact us if you have questions.

If you need help getting your manuscripts proofread, edited, reviewed and published, we can offer those services for hire through our Services Marketplace. Or, you can earn them for free by reaching 2,000 valid votes through our author-driven model. Regardless of which route you choose, submit your book idea here, build an audience and anticipate orders from those who vote for your Book Idea(s).

As always, explore our site to learn about our publishing model, our other FAQ answers, or submit a book idea.

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