#Wednesdays are for Writers: Anne Marie Waters at the Restoration Weekend 2018 – Florida, USA

Last November 20th, we published a blog entitled: “Anne Marie Waters was invited to present at the Restoration Weekend 2018”.  And we mentioned to please stay tuned for more update on more videos or images to be shared. Now, the waiting is over!!! 

We are proud to share with you the full video of :

Anne Marie Waters – Restoration Weekend 2018

On this video, our Dear Anne Marie answers all the questions raised for her with confidence and pride. The Q&A portion happened after her  Full Speach at the conference.

Watch and listen to Anne Marie Waters as she stands firm in sharing her beliefs and views. And my this video helps you understand why she wrote her book: “Beyond Terror” which was published by SOOP.

Beyond Terror is available on Amazon. Click HERE to get a copy.

Watch the video for more:


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