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Andrew Hood – Author of the book: ‘The Man Who Corrupted Heaven’ 


Interview with the author – Andrew Hood
What is ‘The Man Who Corrupted Heaven’ really about? 
This book will have a different meaning for anyone that reads it, but for me is really a book about Perspective. It is about how we see our own lives from our own perspective and how limiting this can sometimes be.
The main character of this book, Isaac McGlynn, was extremely rich and successful, albeit from a fractured background. However, he soon learns that within only one small step away from his life, a different perspective, everything he believed to be true was not. It was simply his perspective of his world that made it true for him.  
In writing this book I am encouraging the reader to try and get a glimpse outside of their own perspective once in a while. If that’s even possible! 
Where do you get your ideas from?
Like a lot of books, this one started from a simple question and grew from there. A few years ago I heard a famous quote which was that “you can’t take anything with you when you die” and it got me thinking, “why not?” And “What if that wasn’t true”. After obsessing over it for about half an hour I wrote the first two lines of my book 
They say that when you die you can’t take anything with you. One man Isaac McGlynn, was determined to prove them wrong!
and then I wrote the books title “The Man Who Corrupted Heaven”.
At that point, I had no idea what the book was about but that’s where it all started.
My other books all started in similar ways. For Suggesting Murder, it was “What could you hypnotize a person to do without their knowledge and how would you do it”.   
In the book, your version of Heaven is not the typical Christian version. Is this the Heaven you believe in?
Like many people, I consider myself spiritual but I’m not really religious in any way. Having said that, I do like the drama of religion though and I certainly appreciate the amazing artwork that has been done in its name. Perhaps that’s why I borrow from religion for my titles “The Man Who Corrupted Heaven” and “The Final Confession of John Hannebery”.
I guess this version of Heaven is one I can live with. I had to strip out any mention of god or angels but I still think it works somehow. It is a practical version of Heaven, with a hierarchy. A bit like a Democracy I suppose.
I understand that there is a story behind your character names? Where do you get your character names from? 
I needed to find a system because I’m not very good at making them up from scratch, like some authors can. So I got the names from my favorite Australian Football team – the Sydney Swans – and simply mixed the first and last names of different players. I use the Netball team sheet for the women’s names also. 
It helps because I feel like I know the character already, just a little, before they have even hit the page running. 
Who are your writing influences?
There are so many amazing Authors out there but there are three specifically that get my money, no questions asked, the moment they launch a new book.
Paulo Coelho – author of “The Alchemist” and so many other great books. His writing is so simple to read and he packs such a big philosophical punch in each of his books that I can’t say no. Reading books written by him remind me that a great book can teach you a lot about yourself, even though it was written by someone else. 
Mitch Albom – Author of “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”. Again small books with a massive punch. I love his depth and simplistic writing style, which I have tried to make my own for this book.
Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Author of the “Shadow of the Wind”. He is a Spanish Novelist who is very unlike the other two guys. His books are much larger but once he has you in his grip his stories are fantastic. I love the magic he brings into the world, like in his concept of the “Cemetery of forgotten books”.   
All of these guys have had a massive effect on my life and my own writing.
Is there a sequel in the works?
Unlike many other writers that I often come across, I was not born to write stories. For me, it is simply the best way for me to create and organize my thoughts and share them with the world. Because of this, you are unlikely to ever see me write a series of ten books with the same characters, no matter how lucrative that market can be. I am just not built to turn out hundreds of action stories or romance novels. 
Having said that, however, I am not quite finished with these characters just yet!
Shortly I will give you a glimpse of what is still to come in this series of 3 books. The current working title of the sequel is “The Final Confession of John Hannebery”. And while this particular book has been a study of Perspective, you can expect the “The Final Confession of John Hannebery” to be about Anger.
The final book in the series, Susan’s book, will be about Control. 
Perspective / Anger / Control.
At this point, I am only planning to ever write ten books so I will need to make sure that every one of them is amazing because you all deserve only the very best I have to offer.
Do you have any final words for your readers?
Again thank you, thank you, thank you! For being my witness, and for seeing my tree fall in the woods! (I hope that reference isn’t too obscure – you will get it if you read the book)
Without you reading this book I am no author. I will always remember and respect that fact. 
My warmest regards
About the Author
Andrew Hood was born in Victoria Australia in 1973 and is an Author, Blogger, IT Sales Director and Family man. 
His personal blog The Weekly Tipping Point was awarded No.39 in the “Top 101 Best & Most Inspiring Blogs” and he has been a guest blogger on ‘The Guided Mind’ and ‘Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life’ blogs since 2014. 
Since then he has published his debut novella “Suggesting Murder” and his first non-fiction book “Leadership Secrets from the Greatest Leaders of all Time”.
Andrew’s insight in the human psyche and willingness to share his learning with the world has earned him feedback such as:
….What a wonderful style of authenticity, raw emotion, pure energy and a desire for life….
…. Reading through your lines one feels relaxed and confident, almost elevated standing beside a man in his true power….
…. You have a gentle and impactful way to remind your readers about the gift of life and life experiences….
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