PRE-ORDER Wade Fransson’s book ‘The Rod of Iron’

To commemorate the 49th anniversary of man’s ascent to heaven…Something or other Publishing is launching the Pre-Order phase for the final book in “The People of The Sign” Trilogy. But…“Houston we have a problem” on Amazon, our site of choice. The book is available for pre-order everywhere BUT AMAZON where it needs to land as a #! Hot New Release. Please use this link to ask them to notify you of its availability. 

We’ll keep you posted, so you can be the first on your block to learn the astounding connections between the crew of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, the Tower of Bab-El story and other prophetic writings, and the music of the Beatles? All this and more, in the third and final book in award winning Author Wade Fransson’s best-selling trilogy – The Rod of Iron
PRE-ORDER Wade Fransson's book 'The Rod of Iron'


If you haven’t read the first two books, don’t worry, they are available in Paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.  Just click on the images below and we’ll get you to the right place.

PRE-ORDER Wade Fransson's book 'The Rod of Iron'

The first volume, The People of the Sign, became a surprise #1 Rated Hot New Release on and earned a cult following.

PRE-ORDER Wade Fransson's book 'The Rod of Iron'Its sequel, The Hardness of the Heart also became a #1 Rated Hot New Release upon its release on Valentine’s Day, 2014, and earned Wade the title “Eminent American Writer” conferred on him by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, India.



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