#MarketingMondays: Building Connections

Build Connections

Building connections can be one of the most crucial parts of being a writer today. Without these connections, marketing your work will become harder. You will want to connect with the people in your genre. They are people who can help you get where you need to go to become successful. Connect with the people who are successful by becoming a beta reader or book reviewer for them. This will give you a leg up when the time comes for you to publish. Having this in your writing arsenal will provide you with the power to become successful. 

When building connections always make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. You don’t want to have a negative impact on your career. Offer to beta read a book for them, they will more than likely appreciate the fact that you are willing to help them. When you read their work make sure you give them honest feedback, don’t be too critical or abrasive. Use positive language even with the things that you didn’t like about the book. 

Building Connections

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With the right connections in place, you will have an edge on your competition. When you network and become a part of the writing community in an active way, it shows your readers you are more than out for fame and money. To be honest, we would all like to have those things but start by building a great foundation. With a firm foundation to stand on you will also show publishers (if that is the way you choose to go) that you are worthy of being published. 

Take your time an learn about the genre you are writing in and find people to connect with. You may end up finding some amazing friends for life. Join clubs on Facebook that cater to your genre and help the writing community by giving back in a real way. Be sure always to be polite to your fellow writers, because you are judging their work. You would want the same courtesy when someone is reading and commenting on your work.

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Here’s to all of us building the connections that we need to become the best writers we can be. Networking can be scary and rewarding at the same time. Just remember to put yourself out there in a positive way, and you will get the respect and attention you deserve. Always be positive and considerate when communicating to the people in your network because you don’t want a negative image out there haunting you for the rest of your career. If you connect to the right people in your genre and connect to your fans, you will become a success that someone else can use as a connection in their journey.





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