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Beta Readers

Beta readers are some of the most important people you may encounter as an author. They can help you see where your mistakes are or help you with story direction. Ask yourself this question, has anyone but ever read what I have written? If the answer is no, then you should get a beta reader. There are groups of them online that are willing to help you out.

Beta readers are people who can review your book before it is published giving you a head start when your book does come out. With this in your back pocket, it will help you to become the successful author you want to be. You can use the same group of people each time or change it up if you like.

Beta Readers

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I personally love to read and have signed up for several launch groups for authors that like having their book reviewed before they publish. Beta reading for authors helps them out, and I get to read great books in return. I have made many friends along the way of being a book reviewer and beta reader.

If you know someone who would like to read your book, let them. It will give you great insight as to where your story stands. Beta readers will provide you with an opinion and you can take the criticism and use or not that is up to you. Don’t use family members because they can be biased and that won’t help you. That is why I suggest you use a beta reader or a book reviewer to read your story.

Beta Readers

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You can become a beta reader for other authors in your genre to help you see where the trends are. Being a beta reader will help you strengthen your own story before sending it out to be read. You will also make friends along the way that will help you when your turn comes around to publish. Don’t be afraid to let people read your story if you don’t how will you succeed. You want readers to read your book so you can become successful.







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