#Marketing Mondays: Promoting your Book through Book Trailers

Book Trailers

Book trailers are a great way to promote your book. SOOP has partnered with International Book Promotion to help our authors promote their books. Jasveena is the founder of this wonderful company that helps authors reach more people through creating trailers for their books. They use video marketing to help you reach your target audience in a way that you may not have thought about when promoting your book.

A little bit about Jasveena from her website:

Jasveena Book Trailers

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Jasveena Prabhagaran

Jasveena is the founder of International Book Promotion. She is an engineer, a blogger, and a writer. Jasveena runs her own blog at Thoughts and Views That Matter where she discusses social issues and feminism in great depth. She is a Marketing Researcher by profession and noticed that authors struggle to get their books noticed. As a video enthusiast, she aims to give the best service for authors seeking book trailers. She works hand in hand with her voice over artists, illustrators and designers to serve authors seeking for book promotions. Excellent customer service and quality work is her utmost priority.

Book Trailers

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Their website offers different services for the different things that you may need to promote your book. They provide a new way to bring your work to an audience that you may not have reached before. Promoting your book this way can give you an edge that you need in order to become the successful author you want to be.

We at SOOP offer The Trailers at $75 A’ la Carte, or as part of a Custom Marketing Package,  or when those in the Author Driven Publishing Certification Program achieve the 150 Vote Milestone. We have a couple of authors that have tried this service. The links to their book ideas are below.






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