#Marketing Mondays: Promoting Your Brand Will Help You Succeed.

Marketing Monday

Do you know how to promote your brand in a way that gets people’s attention?

The answer is probably no, because getting your brand noticed is all up to you. You need to create something that will stick in the minds of the people you are targeting. Be creative with what you say and show the audience. Make sure that you don’t offend or be disrespectful because you will be remembered but in the wrong way.


Brand Promoting

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To effectively market your brand to the public you need to do a few things. For one, you need to create something that will make your brand yours. For example, Sue Grafton used the alphabet as her calling card. She wrote many books with an alphabet name. Her unique idea made her stand out because when she first started publishing she was the only one that had created a series of books with the alphabet in the title.

Appeal to your audience intellectually. Appealing to your audience will make them stop and think, thus keeping your brand in their mind. People like to be challenged. Use that to your advantage. The biggest thing you will need to do is promote on social media. Social media is where most of your audience is, plus you can reach a lot more people this way. You want to promote on social media, but don’t over saturate your readers with content either. You want the public to know you will engage and that you are here to stay. Promoting your brand is a long rocky road that will eventually lead you to success.


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You may also want to promote your brand through emails and other various sources of correspondence. For example, sending out mailers with information about where you may be for a book signing would help bring more people to you. They may want to meet the person behind your work.

You want to create a website and way for the reader to communicate with you through email or social media. If they do sign up for your email, make sure they have a way for them to opt out if they so choose. When you send out emails to your subscribers make sure they are getting original branding content that will make them want to continue to get your promotional emails. Be sincere about what you send your readers because they are the ones that will help you become successful. Just be yourself and have fun with your brand. Make sure that it is something you are willing to stick with for the rest of your career. It may be hard, but it will all be worth it when you succeed.








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