SOOP on Sunday: Top 40 Book Ideas for August

Welcome to the first week of September and you know what that means….it means it’s time to post the Top 40 book ideas for August.  Don’t hesitate to check out the Book Ideas on this list, or comment and let us know which one you have your eye on.  We should see a lot of movement between now and the end of the month with the Back To School With SOOP promotion in full swing.  Don’t know what that is?  Check your email!

All book idea submitters should have received an email kicking off the promotion.  If you didn’t, please feel free to contact our office by emailing [email protected].


Rod of Iron by Wade Fransson
End Times, Eschatology, Prophecy, Quantum Physics


Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast
Relationships· Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family·Parenting


Beyond Terror by Anne Marie Waters
Arts and Photography· Politics & Social Science

4 ‘The Adventures of Strilly Willy and His Magical Ukulele’ by Scooter B. The Adventures of Strilly Willy by Scooter B
Children’s Books· Family· Parenting· Relationships· Teens

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven by Andrew Hood
Literature & Fiction· Mystery· Religion & Spirituality· Suspense· Thriller

6   I Don’t Want to Take a Bath, Ever! by A.E. Butler
Arts and Photography· Children’s Books

Emerald Oasis by Chloe Gilholy
Family· Mystery· Parenting· Relationships· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Thriller


Heavenfire by Crystal Radisic
Biographies & Memoirs · Literature & Fiction· Romance


The Lazy Leprechaun by Conor Cassidy
Children’s Books· Family· Humor & Entertainment· Parenting· Relationships


In Shadows by Celeste Arts
Arts and Photography


The Vipharan’s Visit by Rohini Singh
Literature & Fiction· Science Fiction & Fantasy


Off to Never Never Land by Kinsley Portner
Mystery· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Romance · Thriller


The Kid from Planet 9 by Meg Danish
Biographies & Memoirs


Relationships· Family· Literature & Fiction· Parenting· Self-Help

15 Crossing the Line by Alan Eisenberg
Literature & Fiction· Self-Help· Teens

Streams of Memory by Rebecca Sharrock
Dieting· Education & Reference· Fitness· Health· Self-Help


Society Killed a Girl by Iyanah Charles
Arts and Photography· Mystery· Suspense· Thriller


Symphony of Wisdom, how to think yourself lucky by Tabitha Hergest
Business & Investing· Education & Reference· Self-Help


Living On Borrowed Time By Samie Sands
Family· Literature & Fiction· Parenting· Relationships· Romance

20 ‘The Bench’ by Carla Day

The Bench by Carla Day
Literature & Fiction· Mystery· Suspense· Thriller


Drifters: Tales of the Southern Cross by Tory Gates
Literature & Fiction· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Teens


The Days After Tomorrow by Gabriel Faniyan
Education & Reference· Literature & Fiction· Science Fiction & Fantasy


Whisper Breeze Learns Responsibility by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast
Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family· Parenting· Relationships

24 Sealed by Christian Lee Sealed by Christian Lee
25 Chloe Learns Patience by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast
Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family· Parenting· Relationships
26 Three Cheers for Chips by David Hardie
Relationships· Children’s Books· Parenting
27   Leaving Blues by Mike Roach
Literature & Fiction· Religion & Spirituality· Science Fiction & Fantasy
28 Kaitlin’s Mooring by Carey Azzara
Arts and Photography· Literature & Fiction· Romance
29 Disorderly Life: Living with and Recovering from PTSD by Denita Stevens
Biographies & Memoirs· Dieting· Fitness· Health· Self-Help
30   Noman Black Prayer By Wayne Clark
Arts and Photography· Literature & Fiction· Mystery· Suspense· Thriller
31 The Cookbook of the Dead by Felix Galvan
Humour and Entertainment· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Teens
32   Zechariah and the Mystic Crystals by Christopher Causey        
Arts and Photography· Science Fiction & Fantasy
33 Wind Shear Wind Shear by Bruce Henderson
History· Religion & Spirituality· Science Fiction & Fantasy
34   The Forgotten Irish by Sara Longieliere
Biographies & Memoirs· History· Religion & Spirituality
35 HipHughes Teacher Tips by Keith Hughes
Education & Reference· History· Humor & Entertainment
36 Collision by Eric McLaughlin
History· Mystery· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Thriller
37 The Power of Gratitude The Power of Gratitude by Lamees A
Arts and Photography· Self-Help
38 Eighteen by Daniel Mignault
Mystery· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Teens· Thriller
39 My Possessive Mate by Monique Potrzeba
40 The Secrets of Seashells by Elizabeth Mays
Mystery· Romance· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Thriller


How do I get onto Top 40?

As stated previously, the Top 40 is the monthly culmination of our Top 20 lists. Book Idea placement is determined by a formula that takes into account how many votes a Book Idea has gotten in the last month, how quickly they got those votes, and a few other things. We have a few ways to help you make it onto these lists.

For all you DIY authors, SOOP hosts a series of Marketing Monday posts chock full of tips and tricks to getting your audience off the ground. For those of you looking for more active help, SOOP has several packages to help you with your Marketing Plan. Make sure to take a minute and check those out. Plus, the Service Marketplace offers a way for you authors to get in contact with people who can help you with your Product, Platform, and Promotion.

We Want to Work With You

Here at SOOP, we want to help you succeed. Once you have submitted your Book Idea, there are two levels of participation to get you to the end goal of publication: Free and Premium. The Free Level offers many of the same helpful services, including homework at each stage of the voting process that helps you, the author, create substantial marketing progress and develop the best book possible. These homework assignments are managed in phases and returned on a pass/fail basis.

The Premium Level offers the unique benefits of personalized feedback from our panel of experts. This gives the author a more complete idea of their direction. An 85% required passing grade on the homework makes sure the author gets a complete picture of their progress. When armed with more information, the author can readjust with more precision.

So which Level makes the most sense for you. Read the FAQ about costs for more information and contact us if you have questions.

If you need help getting your manuscripts proofread, edited, reviewed and published, we can offer those services for hire through our Services Marketplace. Or, you can earn them for free by reaching 2,000 valid votes through our author-driven model. Regardless of which route you choose, submit your book idea here, build an audience and anticipate orders from those who vote for your Book Idea(s).

As always, explore our site to learn about our publishing model, our other FAQ answers, or submit a book idea.

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