Saturday SOOP: Hot 20 Book Ideas for 2/26/2017

 Sorry for my tardiness readers! Central VA, the place I call home, was wolloped yesterday by a terrific storm that knocked out my internet. It was rough, guys, I barely survived… the boredom. Just kidding! It turned into a perfect night for reading a real-life hardcover novel tucked up in bed, listening to the thunder. It was a good night for a slightly spooky YA novel, “Midnight For Charlie Brown.” I may not be a teenager anymore, but so many Young Adult novels are my go-to way to spend a few hours. They’re not as complex as their more literary cousins, and they usually end happily, but they’re no less engrossing or thought-provoking. 

But enough of my defense of reading books written for people half my age – on to the Hot 20 Book Ideas for February 26, 2017. 



Ladies Lottery Redemption by Carey Azzara



Forever Damaged by Carey Azzara

· · · ·


The Other Side of Me by Jenny Taveras

4 The Rod of Iron by Wade Frannson  

The Rod of Iron by Wade Fransson

, , , ,

5 Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast   Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast

& Relationships· Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family·Parenting

6 Living On Borrowed Time by Samie Sands  

 Living On Borrowed Time by Samie Sands

&Relationships · Family


Beyond Terror by Anne Marie Waters



Kaitlin’s Mooring by Carey Azzara

· ·


Deference by Alexia

· · · ·


The Girl Beyond the Bottom of the Well by RS Rutherford

· · · ·

11 Off to Never Never Land by Kinsley Portner  


Off to Never Never Land by Kinsley Portner

Mystery· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Romance · Thriller

12 Crossing the Line by Allen Eisenberg  

Crossing the Line by Allen Eisenberg

Literature & Fiction · Self Help · Teens

13 In Shadows by Celeste Arts  


In Shadows by Celeste Arts

14 The Vipharan's Visit  


The Vipharan’s Visit by Rohini Singh



Clydesdales on Cobblestones by Carey Azzara

· ·


InHumans: Uprising by Billy Clark

· ·


Ndengue of Kilamba by Jose Carlos Moreno Ribeiro\


19 173960  


20  Spirits of the Heart    Spirits of the Heart by Claire Gem

· · · ·






The Round Up

This week, Carey Azzara, author of recently published The Lottery Curse, dropped a few new Book Ideas and they did their best to take over the Hot 20 List. :adies Lottery Redemption retained it’s #1 position, but Ferever Damaged debuted at #2 and Kaitlin’s Moorings debuted at #8.



Deference fell to #9. Four of our weekly steadfasts jockeyed for positions and ended up with Off to Never, Never Land at #11, Crossing the Line at #12, In Shadows at #13 and The Viphoran’s Visit at #14. 


How do I get onto Hot 20?

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