Saturday SOOP: Hot 20 Book Ideas for 12/10/2016

You are reading the blog post of a woman who has been stuck at home almost all week with one very severe cold that morphed into strep throat. It’s been a rough one, readers and writers. What do you all do when you’re feeling poorly? I spent the whole week drinking so much tea that I simply cannot drink any more. And that’s a strange way to be, readers, because I simply love tea.

It’s also almost Christmas and Hanukkah. Which do you find more exciting? The potential for presents (new books under the Christmas tree) or spending time with family and soaking up the traditions of the season?

For me, it’s all about the family traditions. Decorating the tree, heading to Christmas Mass, and spending several house talking and unwrapping presents with my many, many family members. Head on over to the forums and tell us about your Christmas traditions.

And don’t forget the Christmas gift opportunity of Carey Azzara’s The Lottery Curse, available for pre-order today.

And now that you’re thinking about the holidays, the Hot 20 Book Ideas for December 10, 2016 are…

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Treachery of king by AK R

· · · ·

2  The Rod of Iron by Wade Frannson

The Rod of Iron by Wade Fransson

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3 The Lottery Curse by Carey Azzara

The Lottery Curse by Carey Azzara

4 Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast

Willow Rose Learns Honesty by Marvia Korol and Meredith Mast

& Relationships· Arts and Photography· Children’s Books· Family·Parenting

5 Living On Borrowed Time by Samie Sands

Living On Borrowed Time by Samie Sands

&Relationships · Family


Beyond Terror by Anne Marie Waters


7 In Shadows by Celeste Arts

In Shadows by Celeste Arts

8 Crossing the Line by Allen Eisenberg

Crossing the Line by Allen Eisenberg

Literature & Fiction · Self Help · Teens

9 Arlena-Cover-Art

Arlena: Void Of My Own by Petra Pedro Perry

· · · ·

10 The Vipharan's Visit

The Vipharan’s Visit by Rohini Singh


11 Off to Never Never Land by Kinsley Portner

Off to Never Never Land by Kinsley Portner

Mystery· Science Fiction & Fantasy· Suspense· Romance · Thriller

12 A Dress The Color of The Sky


· · · ·


HipHughes Teacher Tips by Keith Hughes

· ·

Greatest Game primary cover

The Greatest Game by Malcolm Little

· · · ·


I can still blow smoke rings by Cherie Maree

· ·


From Cannibal to Diabetic by Verona Lucas

· · · ·

17 Image result for neighbourhood silver

SILVER by Iyanah Charles


Sparks by Finley Chow

· ·


Fish Out Of Water by M.M. Ramey

· · · ·

20 Image result for Love

Love comes in many forms by Kim Ward

· · · ·



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