#WednesdaysareforWriters: The Lottery Curse is Coming

It took him one year, readers. One single year. He gathered support like wildfire, blazing through the ranks of the then Top-20s and the current Hot-20 and Top 40 lists. Not a single week went by that The Lottery Curse by Carey Azzara wasn’t featured. And now you can order his book, which goes on sale December 8 and is sure to arrive by Christmas! How’s that for quick gratification.

Over the course of his journey to publication, Carey Azzara has spoken to us about balance, and his success is a sterling example of how to do it right.  A published author of multiple other novels and a company president beyond his writing aspirations, Carrey has demonstrated to us all the importance and success of a system that works.  Let’s take a look at the results of Carey’s efforts…

After announcing the publication date, The Lottery Curse quickly soared to a number one debut, and that was only on pre-order status. According to Adobe, Black Friday online spending surged 21.6%  year-over-year to $3.34 billion. Total online spending for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday hit $5.27 billion, reflecting a 17.7% increase over last year. And on that day of massive sales, The Lottery Curse debuted on the Amazon Hot New Releases charts at #1 in the Lotteries tag and #5 in the Wealth Management tag. (Insert images)

The most important part of all Carey’s efforts is the writing itself. Early reviewers heap praise upon how The Lottery Curse provides a window into the world of people who experience a windfall of cash. The three tales show that rather than a blessing, too much too fast can be a curse. They’re tales of everyday pitfalls exacerbated by the sudden pedestal upon which you have been placed circumstance. Luck dashed by real life, a tragedy for everyone.

They’re stories for those who think they know what they would do if they received that windfall of the lottery. Cautionary tales for those that think they’re grounded enough to keep themselves on the straight and narrow path to comfort and security for a life time. In this book, we are faced with the bitter truth that is the potential in all of us for foolishness and abandoning wisdom for excitement. The characters in these books represent all of us and the pitfalls we face every day.

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