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Before I was the chief writer of the #MarketingonMonday blog, the majority of posts were tip and trick oriented. There were lots of suggestions and app recommendations. My posts, however, are principle driven. Things to keep in mind when you approach the battle that is personal marketing. I had every intention of returning to the old format this month, but one more principle has been popping up more and more and I think it needs to be spoken to.

 That principle is balance. Our most recent guest blogger Carey Azzara wrote at length about the necessity of balance as a self-promoting author.  In my own life, I have a sister getting involved with Lularoe, a clothing company much like Mary Kay, Avon, or Pampered Chef. She was asking my advice on a company-required blog and Facebook page. She’s a very private person, and very rarely posts on social media sites. My advice to her was be balanced. Post things that make you seem like a real person, but don’t post the things you feel uncomfortable showing. That might have been a little bluntly put, but that principle is very important for any personal marketing scheme. 

There is an author of which I am a huge fan. For a long time, she maintained a personal blog. She wrote about her dogs, her children, her husband, her life. But somewhat recently, she closed her personal blog because of the darker side of the internet: comments. She was revealing personal information that ended up being judged, derided, or otherwise taken out of context. 

Now that’s an unfortunate case, but there are many lessons to be learned. This author didn’t exercise enough balance between her personal life and professional. She wanted more of a connection with her fans and experienced the much less fun side of that relationship. But you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to open yourself up that far to make a meaningful connection and entice your readers to vote for your Book Idea or buy your newly published book. You are allowed to keep something of yourself back. 

But give your audience something. Help them to know that there is a relationship to be had. Because that’s what marketing really is these days. It’s building on relationships with an audience. So build one, but it’s okay to not give them everything. You decide how you want to tip the scale.  – Maggie

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