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A Shakeup in the Top 20

Today’s blog announces the recent success of author Jennifer Irwin’s A Dress the Color of the Sky which this past week passed the 2000-vote threshold and surpassed Red by Nicole Collet in the Top 20.  

Since Jennifer’s debut on the SOOP Top 20 on August 8, 2015 with 357 votes, she has seen her Book Idea rise to the very top in less than six months, climbing steadily from week to week. A Dress the Color of the Sky is about a woman finding herself through the pain of a failing marriage and unhealthy life decisions. We expect A Dress the Color of the Sky, this tale of self-examination, will continue to earn successes votes from everyone excited to know whether or not Prudence can heal. 

Seeing my novel, A Dress the Color of the Sky make it to the number one spot on SOOP’s top 20 is beyond exciting and a pinnacle for me as an author. I’m thankful to SOOP for teaching me how to market the book that I am passionate about sharing with the world. – Jennifer Irwin

Now that A Dress the Color of the Sky has reached 2,064 votes as of this blog’s publishing, Jennifer Irwin is eligible for a publishing contract offer from SOOP. Stay tuned for more as A Dress the Color of the Sky continues to rise. 

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