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If you spend any time online, you’ve probably heard of the marketing and idea-sharing sensation that is Pinterest. You probably know that it’s a popular place to pick up mason-jar salad ideas and workout tips, but did you know that Pinterest has over one million active users? In fact, according to the same previously linked article, 42% of all online adult women use the site. And, while the majority of its users are female (85%), adult males use it as well. In fact, 13% of internet-active men are registered on the site. 

Why is this important? Well, because like Twitter and Facebook, that’s where your audience is, and the key to marketing is spreading your message in the places your audience will actually see it. 

Pinterest is already used as a marketing tool by many, many people, and there are tips and websites dedicated to helping you use this tool to it’s highest advantage. Plus, it cannot be ignored that Pinterest itself comes with advice on how to best use all social media outlets for personal marketing. 

So while you’re online today, make sure you check out everything the Internet has to offer. You might find a great recipe for hot chocolate, too!

Happy Pinning! – Maggie


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  1. Wee typo in this: “majority of it’s users are female”. Change to “…its users…”. (Not “it’s”, which means “it is”.) Thanks, a chronic editor.

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