SOOP on Saturday: New Book Ideas and “Shout Out” for great progress!

SOOP_HOT_NEW_BOOK_IDEAS1-217x300Today’s list of book ideas range from the invasive to the blasphemous! Take your pick and vote for a new book idea today.

Here are the latest new book ideas, in the order they appeared: 

Look interesting? Wanna know more? Just visit their book idea page, read their synopsis and vote. Remember, a valid vote is one that expresses genuine interest in potential purchase of the book at a future date (it’s not a commitment). 

Looking for a book idea to vote for? See all the latest book ideas here

Shout Out for Great Progress

These authors are making great progress, climbing the charts and getting votes:

  • Stepping it Up—author of the book idea that moved up the most slots within the chart, from 11th to 7th since last month. Congratulations to Bruce Henderson for Wind Shear
  • Most Increased Votes—author of the book idea that showed the largest numeric increase in votes (233 more votes since last month). Congratulations to Jennifer Irwin for A DRESS THE COLOR OF THE SKY

Want votes?

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